Medical compression socks class 2 (15-20 mmHg / 20,1-27 hPa) 


  • Varicose veins. 
  • Functional disorders (heavy legs, etc.) 
  • Following phlebological surgery and sclerotherapy. 
  • Venous disorders during pregnancy in women. 

Easy-to-wear cotton for everyday use 

Ease of use: 

  • Easy to put on and take off to encourage good treatment compliance. 
  • Easy to match with clothing due to their contemporary colours and discreet patterns, for everyday wear. 


  • No more tourniquet effect or overheating of the calf, thanks to an exclusive single-thickness ribbed edge, that does not constrict or mark the skin. 
  • Incredibly comfortable thanks to a discreet seam on top of the toes. 
  • Total mobility for toes thanks to a knitted toe without compression. 


  • Easy to care for, machine-washable at 40°C. 


  • More closely respect the body's physiology, thanks to more uniform compression, with no pressure peaks at the top of the calf. 
  • Stay in place perfectly all day long, with effective compression that wearers will forget all about. 


  • Ultra-quick to put on. 
  • Optimal hold.

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Venoflex FAST® cotton

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